Sunday, November 13, 2011

2007- 2009

Our very first animals, Black Sex Link Chicks - photo taken April 07

Our first attempt at gardening - May 07

November 07 - K shows off his chicken.

We fenced in our garden spot in the early spring of 2008 - not sure where the pictures are of this project but you can see the fencing behind the boys in this July 2008 photo.

August 2008 D built our first Barrelponics System.  He downloaded the manuel and built it with the step by step instructions, we stocked it with goldfish that year.

A year later, Jan 09',  Shiro joins Farrago Acres and is the fullfillment of a Keishon's hopes and dreams.  Keishon has hoped and prayed for a  German Shepherd Dog for at least two years.
A Craigslist find, Shiro is our compromise and is half Broad Shouldered German Shepherd Police Dog/ Half Pure White Wolf.

April 2009

Built largely from reclaimed wood and sided with cypress seconds. Photo below taken June 2009

We are now serious about sustainable technology and making a lot of changes, slowly but surely. 2010 is where things start to get interesting, and crazy.

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